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My full name is Jared Hampton Thomas and I am 38 years old. I love looking at life through the camera lens. I am passionate about people and the power of connection. I bury myself in books and believe that growth is undeniably important. I rely on ramen noodles for 75% of my dietary existence [its quite literally my blood-type]. I can carry a conversation like any chatty Cathy. I am a diehard Tarheel basketball fan, I find belly-flop videos hilarious, and I look forward to any opportunity of meeting new people. (Photo taken by Crystal Rose Smith)

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Sidney & Curtis

“Jared is someone who is personable to the point where you don’t feel “weird” or “nervous” when taking pictures at my wedding. He knows how to work not only the landscape, but the couple and their style as well. He spent multiple hours and days on end to make sure we got exactly what we wanted from our day, and believe me when I say, he exceeded our expectations. I love him and his style and will forever be grateful for his power to capture the best moments of our lives.”

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